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Nickolas Mayfield

Freelance Software Developer, June 2017 – Current
Freelance | psdrndm.com | San Francisco Bay Area, CA – Columbia, MO
- Consult during conceptual development of client products
- Programming, including iOS, web, eCommerce, data storage
- Create custom tools for clients
- Graphic design

Software Engineer, October 2016 – November 2017
42 Silicon Valley | 42.us.org | San Francisco Bay Area, CA
- Took on role as team leader on a variety of projects
- Built software, including a demo using ray-casting technique
- Built graphics, string, and math libraries for UNIX and Windows systems in C/C++
- Optimized graphics projects with a variety of tools and techniques including:
SSE Intrinsics, Multithreading, OpenCL, OpenGL
- Participated in Silicon Valley hackathons and code-sprints
- Worked with developers from Filemaker Pro, AWS, Google
- Taught programming to high school students

Senior Software Developer, June 2013 – October 2016
Kelly Sports Properties | kellysportsporperties.com | Columbia, MO
- Worked directly with the company Vice President
- Generated leads with an online marketing campaign resulting in contracts on the order of $500,000
- Lead the development of a web framework for college/high school athletics programs
- Shipped multiple native iOS apps
- Ported code from ASP.NET to PHP
- Developed in-house productivity tools for printing side of company
- Lead instructional presentations for developed software
- General IT and in-house maintenance
- Graphic design (seasonal, print and web)

Lead Four-Color Press Operator, October 2008 – June 2013
Kelly Press, Inc. | kellypressinc.com | Columbia, MO
- Operate and maintain 4-Color press
- Operate, maintain bindery equipment, e.g. folders, stitchers, shrink-wrapppers, cutters
- General plant maintenance and inventory
- Consulted with upper management to streamline processes
- Graphic design (seasonal, print)

Programming Projects/Works in Progress (that I can/will talk about)
MGLib - Graphics Libraries (Currently pre-release, but shared on Github)
Escape Earth - Game demo using MGLib (in-progress)
Candlemouse - Indie Game (in-progress)
KSP Athletics iOS Apps - developed in Swift/Objective-C (finished, proprietary)
KSP Athletics Websites - (finished, proprietary)
thecoindepot.net - Ported to PHP from ASP.NET (finished, proprietary)
psdrndm.com - You are here, lol
Pharmville - Pharmacy app completed for Facil-e-pharm hackathon
Wolf3D - Computer Graphics/Raycasting demo based on Wolfenstein 3D
Fractal - Computer Graphics demo featuring colorful fractal exploration
Raabit - Startup (no longer in development)
Typorama - Open source typing practice website (no longer in development)